Training Executive Functions

When faced with a new, difficult, and unexpected problem, we use our brain’s ability to consciously focus on a specific task and direct our thinking towards a goal-directed behaviour; known as executive functions

This area of research aims to evaluate the effect that serious gaming has on these executive functions using the latest technology and innovative tools, ranging from Tablet/ PC-Gaming to immersive environments such as virtual reality.

A secondary aim is to evaluate the influence of a new training environment called the ‘Helix Arena’, which allows for an individual to be fully immersed in a 360-degree environment. The effects of these training devices will be explored in both clinical and athletic populations.

Training of Executive Functions via gaming

Training Ex F

Feature One

Training pre-orientation for the prevention of head injuries in contact sports using virtual reality.

Feature Two

Training executive functions in a 360-degree environment.

Feature Three

Training the cognitive abilities necessary in first responders (i.e. firefighters and police) to make them more effective in their work.

Project Cooperations

Atlantique Stade Rochelais, La Rochelle

Be Your Best, Oslo

German Football Association, Frankfurt am Main

skills.lab, Graz

Vasper Systems, California


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